Polished Stainless Sharp Corner Structurals

In follow up to our post from last week, we wanted to give customers an idea of what a mirror polished or brushed finished stainless steel sharp corner structural would look like.  We took those same rectangular stainless tube cuts and the stainless t bar and applied a #8 mirror polish to once face and a #4 brushed finish to the adjacent face.  The brushed finish was a little more difficult because the pieces are so short and we couldn’t use our automated equipment.

Polished Sharp Corner Stainless
Polished Sharp Corner Stainless

You can see from the the picture above that the advantage of the sharp corner stainless shapes is that there are flat edges to polish.  The result is a far better polished finish than what might be available on the typical commercially available stainless hot rolled structurals.  This has applications for stainless angle, stainless t bar, stainless square and rectangular tube and stainless steel channel.

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